Meet the team (Afika & some of our Associates)

Due to ongoing projects the details of the team are kept confidential, but are made available to our clients.

Group Executive

Forensic & BBA Degree & Diploma in Psychology. Expertise that include Forensic, Risk Management, Disaster Management and Business Recovery as well as expertise in the Safety & Security environment and a specialist in CCTV Operations. He has initiated a workable multi discipline “services & training platform” that allows clients to be serviced with turnkey solutions from cross-pollination.

Training & Program Development Associate

Masters Degree in Public Administration & Advanced qualification in Project Management. Author & co-author of six books, four of them specializing in the Project Management Field. He spent fourteen years at UNISA / TSA, during which he was acting Executive Director for the Program Group: Public Management & Development, as well as managing the Institute for Public Management development at the Florida campus.

Business Specialist

B.Com (Informatics & Business Management), & EFM Certification. Part of the Black Management Forum, Nafcoc ICCI and Wesgro. Years of experience in strategy development, Competitive Intelligence Market Research, Planned And Management of events for clients, as well as vast experience in tendering processes and specification compilation.

Fraud & Banking Specialist

We have two ex-SAPS (HAWKS) specialist investigators in Fraud and then also Banking sectors. Between them they have had over 2000 court appearances, numerous in High Court and even in the Constitutional Court.

Strategic Consulting, Investigative and Covert Ops Specialist

National Diploma in Police Administration & Diploma in Criminal Justice & Forensic Auditing. Qualified as a Polygraphist via the American Polygraphing Institute. 21 years in the SAPS of which 18 years as an Investigator. His expertise includes but is not limited to Covert Operations, Project Management Informer Handling, Gold and Diamond operations. He has also provided training to specializing units like the Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold and Diamond branches. Major role player setting up of various task teams and forums.

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Specialist

Ex-SAPS TSU member. Formed part of various covert operations. Regarded as one of the best specialists in his field by both private industry and Special Law Enforcement Units alike.

Training & Operations Specialist

Ex-SAPS Colonel with years of experience as a detective. Was Commander of the SANAB Unit (SAPS:South African Narcotics Bureau Drug Unit)

Investigative Training & Operational Specialist

Ex-SAPS Colonel with 38 years of detective experience. Previous Commander for the Vehicle Theft Unit. Expert on Vehicle related crime management, Investigations and court procedures as well as testifying in a court of law.


SWAT, Logistics & Investigation Associate

SAPS SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) instructor to special units. Extended expertise in specialised in investigative and logistical fields, as well as on going training to various entities in SWAT and Crime Management.

Security Studies & Training Associate

Previous SAPS & CID officer, with years of expertise in the Security Training and Development fields. A linguistic expert that had spent 18 years in the Judicial System.

Loss Control, Security & VIP Protection Associate

Dip. Security & Dip. Risk Management; IGC 1-3; SADF - Special Forces. Experience in the Loss Control, Security and Safety related fields, with IT related expertise. Extensive experience and expertise in the VIP protection industry, having taken care of some of the most prominent CEO’s in South Africa, foreign dignitaries and world renown members of royal families. Operational Loss Control Expertise.

SHE, Fire, Medical and Construction Associate

Business partner who's business is accredited and have accredited trainers to training in most of the Safety, Health and Environmental fields. This also includes Fire Fighting to advanced levels. Operates a paramedic and ambulance service for special events and hospitals. Training and Equipment hiring services are offered as and extension of business interests.

Business Consulting & Training Associate

National Diploma in Human Resources & BTech: Degree in Human Resources & competing Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology. Experienced organization and management consultant. Consultant in business management, project management, human resources and organizational development. She is a registered Assessor and Skill Development Facilitator (SDF) with Services and ETDP Seta’s. Consulted to the CCMA and major clients within South Africa varying from Governments, Institutions,Parastatal and Private Sector.

Forensic Document Examiner / Training Specialist

Ex-Senior Forensic Analyst in Forensic Disputed Documents for the Forensic Science Laboratory in Pretoria. Second in Command and Head of Training. Part of Specialized team for the project of decentralizing forensic services. Case Expert for Criminal, Civil and CCMA cases.

Forensic Blood Splatter, Ballistics & Tool Mark Examiner / Specialist

Ex-Senior Forensic Analyst in Forensic Ballistics for the Forensic Science Laboratory in Pretoria. KZN Operational Head, Second Commanding Officer and Head of Training. Extended expertise include Abu Dhabi Police Service Forensic Science Laboratory in the United Arab Emirates & International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), assigned to the UN in Kosovo (UNMIK) . Joined the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory in Michigan, USA from which he joined the Office of the Attorney General in the forensic investigations section in the State of South Dakota Forensic Science Laboratory (SDFL) in Pierre, South Dakota, USA who rendered services to agencies like: FBI, BIA, BATF, etc.