Crime intellegence


Afika provides various types of Intelligence Solutions to suite the individual needs of clients.

Analytics and Profiling

All crime and risk data is collected. (Manual, electronic, SAPS, Security Service Provider, CCTV, etc.). The data is captured on a database and analysed. The result include, but are not limited to; trend lines, methods, techniques and modus operandi of the criminal element. The CCTV footage of incidents or possible suspects are analysed to establish the “look & feel” (Profile) of the criminal element. The overall intelligence profile is then compared to other related businesses and industries to establish and/or monitor syndicates and opportunists that move between them.


Analytics & Profiling: Value Add to the Client

We provide the client with turnkey results and solutions:

Predictive Intelligence & profiles: We help the client to understand, strategise and direct their resources to manage the crime issues of their respective complexes. We can link it to their risk profile if available. Crime now becomes tangible and manageable.

CCTV & Guarding re-alignment: Clients get a better return on investment from their CCTV and guarding expenses by pro-active result driven management.

Management feedback: Feedback given in formal sessions.

SAPS & Governmental Agencies: Feedback is given to the relevant crime intelligence units and assistance rendered when comparisons or data analysing needs to be done as a matter of urgency. SAPS, etc. can thus focus their resources at the right time and place.


General Intelligence

We can tailor make packages and solutions as far as intelligence is concerned for our clients. This includes crime, internal business and competitor intelligence.

Inteelegence Solutions

Intellegence Systems

Afika has a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) in place with On Line Intelligence (OLI)  for our intelligence systems requirements. The options provided for under this agreement provides Afika’s clients full access to the On Line Intelligence service in the following aspects:

  • Facilitate intelligence data analytics facilitated between OLI and Afika.
  • Rental or purchasing options of the OLI system. (This is negotiated directly with OLI or facilitated by Afika.) The full service of the OLI system can be viewed on their website: