Risk Assessments


Approach 1: Blank Sheet Approach

This approach deals with Audits from an inception stage until the findings have been reported and  / or addressed, depending on the needs of the client.

Audit & Assessment Process: The Blank Sheet Approach

1. Identify: We identify the needs of our clients, and then identify the risks

2. Understand & Agree: We make sure that our understanding and that of the client is the same. We then agree on what has been found as risks and what needs to be actioned.

3. Solutions: We find solutions for the risks identified and agreed upon.

4. Manage: We provide our client with the necessary advice and tools (if need be) to manage the risk. If the client needs assistance we will manage it on their behalf.

5. Evaluate & Report: Once the risk is managed, we evaluate the management of the risk and provide a report to our client.

6. Audit: We provide periodical audits for the client as needed. If new risks are identified, the process repeats.

Risk audit & assessment process


Approach 2: Business Approach to Audits

This approach deals with already identified risks and security issues, as well as identifying any gaps. It is based on the Institution of Internal Auditors Business Approach to Auditing.

Goal of the “Business Approach”

  • Providing Assurance to the Client for their Business processes and procedures.
  • Identifying any new Gaps.
  • Report and/or Providing and/or facilitating solutions for any identified areas of concern.