Safety and Security solutions


Security Management Solutions

Companies are currently following a trend that allows them to outsource non-core functions. Security being one of these non-core functions. With outsourcing comes various problems such as:

  • Guarding companies who's main objective is to secure the contract.
  • Information passed on to the client is filtered information. Afika provides solutions to these and other problems experienced by clients in relation to security services.

Clients can now source Afika to provide the management and supervision of staffing for the contract;  thus ensuring the contract is managed on the clients behalf and that their interests are looked after.

Security Operational Solutions

Afika provides operational solutions to companies in various areas:

  • Through our training courses, Afika is able to lift the standard of any security staffing in relation to security and CCTV operations.
  • Afika acts as a recruiting agency when recruiting specialist staff such as investigators, intelligence officers, agents, CCTV operators.
  • CCTV Operators provided by Afika are better skilled and developed than those provided by most other service providers. This is achieved through training and development in which fields Afika is a market leader as far as CCTV is concerned. Any other staffing provided by Afika is also of the highest caliber, and through training and development Afika ensures we have the edge on our competitors.