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Training Management
With the expertise of our members and partners on board, you can be assured that the training solutions provided by Afika is market leading. At Afika we don’t merely use the well known or impressively qualified profiles as an attractive marketing approach to the client. The profiles you see on our website are the actual experts that will be interacting and facilitating the training and workshops.

TrainingCourse Development
Proposed courses are developed in conjunction with the client where by the actual needs and outcomes desired are clearly specified in the resulting curriculum. Where available, NQF standards for levels 4/5 are used to inform the curriculum. This is a principle enshrined in the philosophy of training and development followed by the provider to ensure a truly co-operative partnership in ensuring optimal capacity building and skills enhancement. The course is developed in this way to ensure a sound academic, philosophical and theoretical base exists. In order to ensure that participants receive hands-on recent information in terms of subject related matter, we draw our expertise for the compilation of materials and presentation thereof from the following:

  • Academics
  • Specialist professionals
  • Community leaders and feedback from our participants and clients
  • International expertise and partners

Afika is a seta accredited training provider. Over an above this, we have various MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreements in place. This ensures that where applicable courses are done by accredited SETA, PSIRA or SAPS service providers and qualified facilitators and trainers. Afika will submit tailor developed training material to be registered against the relevant unit standards, as and when such unit standards become available, Courses that don’t have unit standards in place are developed as specified above; which also allows students to apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) once the relevant unit standards are put in place.

Training & Development Fields of Study
Afika is fortunate that through our “pockets or experts” approach we can make experts available for training in the Investigative, Security, HR & Administrative and Risk Management fields of study & development. Our main focus is to provide our clients with the training they require through tailor made courses; oppose to simply making certain training modules available. Afika strives to provides a turnkey training and development solution to its clients.